New arrival - No.8 Columbian Single Origin

Colombian coffee
We are delighted today for two reasons, one we’ve finally had a chance to focus on writing our blog, and the second being the launch of our new single origin No.8, a Columbian coffee that is a real delight. :)

No.8 The Krakow Roastery coffee We’re very excited by how this light roast coffee came out. It is truly delicious, bringing a tasty fruit flavour through that has hints of plum and apricot in it, all the while not being overpowering and in your face. It is an incredibly smooth coffee without bitterness and a delicate citrus acidity. Artur was able to really flex his roasting skills on this one and has delivered something that has become a favourite in-house here at The 3 Beans.

No.8 works really well across the board for all coffee preparation methods, we haven’t found a way that it doesn’t work well with.

So, if you want to try something with a real South American flavour then we can’t recommend No.8 enough, this coffee is an absolute lightly roasted delight that will have you reaching for more!

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