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The beginnings of The Krakow Roastery...

The Krakow Roastery Coffee
A long time ago in a roastery not so far, far away...

The Krakow Roastery brand, and the idea behind the business, was born of three friends (three beans) with a shared ideal of what they want their business to be. Our company, 3Beans came about from a love for coffee and a desire to put that passion to work, to build something sustainable over the coming years that puts quality at the forefront of what we do. 

Founded in 2019, The Krakow Roastery mission statement is a simple one - "To bring an awareness of how good coffee can be, by making “real” freshly roasted coffee accessible to all, all the while ensuring that it is produced to the highest of standards".

All our coffee is produced in-house at our custom, self-built roastery just outside of Krakow. We develop our own blends and roasts and our Co-Founder and Roast Master, Artur, puts his extensive knowledge and experience to work to ensure that everything we create is best in class.

A graduate of the Bazzara Academy in Trieste, Italy (for over three centuries the Italian capital of coffee), Artur’s knowledge and understanding is the heartbeat of the company. He was taught by the sons of the legendary Dionisio Bazzara, taking onboard and truly mastering the ways of one of the greatest coffee artisans. By bringing this knowledge to the Polish market we truly aim to bring an appreciation and understanding of coffee to more people than ever before.

The task we have set ourselves here on our blog, and in our monthly newsletter, is to bring some of that knowledge and appreciation to you, our reader. So as we set ourselves up for 2020 being our first full year in business we encourage you to sign up, and join us on a magical journey into the world of coffee and in our mission to broaden your mind.

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