Blind Sample Pack - 4 Coffees
Very tasty coffee!

Blind Sample Pack - 4 Coffees

The Krakow Roastery
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We've put together a unique coffee offering for you. Purchase one of our blind sample packs and recieve a selection of 4 of our coffees in anonymous brown coffee bags with a unique number stamped on the front. You can sample our coffees without allowing any prejudice to creep in on your tasting. Rate your coffees yourselves and when you're done you can email us for the details of what it is you just tried.
This fun way of trying our coffees really gets you focused on your senses, and makes for an entertaining way to spend your time. Each pack contains either 125g or 250g (your choice) which will be enough for you to get sampling and really discover the world of coffee with your senses leading the way!
If you have ordered a blind pack from us before we'll make sure you don't get the same coffees again.
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