No.60 - Decaffeinated Coffee

No.60 - Decaffeinated Coffee

The Krakow Roastery
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Our first decaffeinated coffee is an exact replica of our best selling No.6, only without the caffeine.

Decaffeinated coffee allows those of us who cannot sleep well once caffeinated to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee into the night. It is also the perfect answer to those that for medical reasons have been told to reduce or cut out caffeine from their lives.

As with our No.6 this is the perfect base for all milk coffees, no.60 is for both coffee lovers and those who have started out learning about the endless possibilities and complexities of the world's coffee specialties. Our Roastmaster Artur has duplicated the roasting profile of No.6, delivering a clean, distinctive flavour that works amazingly well in the most popular coffee machines. The perfect way to finish your day, our No.60 can be enjoyed into the night without later affecting your sleep.

Body: Light
Acidity: None
Bitterness: None
Taste notes: nuts, dark chocolate

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