No.77 - Signature Edition - Ethiopia Mocca Harar Longberry
No.77 - Signature Edition - Etiopia Mocca Harar Long Berry - The Krakow Roastery
No.77 - Signature Edition - Ethiopia Mocca Harar Longberry

No.77 - Signature Edition - Ethiopia Mocca Harar Longberry

The Krakow Roastery
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The first coffee released in our Single Origin Signature Edition range is a real treat and our Roastmaster has created a truly special single origin roast. This beautiful coffee is prepared from the Ethiopian Mocca Harar Long Berry bean and has a very distinct mocca flavour with a light hint of blueberry that washes over as the initial non-bitter chocolate sensation fades. This works great as an espresso and plays nicely as a milk coffee too. Since launch no.77 has proven a popular coffee with our regular customers and has even been picked as a special boardroom coffee by a couple of our business clients.

Aroma: Berry, Earthy, Chocolate
Body: Heavy
Acidity: Fair to light acidity
Bitterness: Very light
Flavour Notes: Typical Mocca flavor, marked blueberry
Roast: Medium

Region: Harrar, Ethiopia
Growing Altitude: 1510-2120 m (4,954-6,955 ft)
Arabica Variety: Heirloom Varieties
Harvest Period: October - February
Milling Process: Natural, Sun-dried

Grown in Harrar, located in the Eastern Highlands of Ethiopia, this bean is put through a variety of milling processes before its natural drying process. The beans can have a strong dry edge, winy to fruit like acidity, rich aroma, and a heavy body. You can pick out a hint of blueberries or blackberries, and the green beans prior to roasting have a delicious chocolatey aroma.

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